Contrary to popular belief,
not all the good guys are taken...
and we can PROVE it !

It is likely that you already had your share of disappointing and awkward dates with men.


An attractive and successful woman like you is always in high demand by the typical crowd found on online dating websites, bars, clubs and singles’ events.

However, it is a fact that high-caliber, successful men tend to avoid such “pick-up” spots at all cost…

For this reason, online dating arenas are dominated by the “riffraffs”, the “players” and the ever-growing crowd of unreliable men looking for a temporary “hook-up”… As you probably figured out by your own personal experience, the likelihood that you will find an established, successful and trustworthy guy in such places is not promising, to say the least…

Read Psychology Today‘s article: “The Ugly Truth About Online Dating“.

However, there is a PROVEN easy way to meet reliable established men, that are seriously looking for a committed long-term relationship and marriage!    And it’s FREE !

You are invited to join Gold Connections – the Nation’s leading matchmaking service.

We are a high-end exclusive VIP service that caters to wealthy businessmen, successful professionals, Hi-tech executives, doctors, investors and high net-worth individuals. We operate mainly in selected cities throughout California and in Manhattan, NY.

However, we actively recruit matches for our clients from anywhere in the USA and abroad.  Many of our wealthy clients will travel a long distance in order to find the right partner for life.

So, if you are serious about finding a high-quality life partner – you are invited to join our network for FREE. We will review the information that you provide, and may contact you to learn more about who you are and what you are really looking for.

We care a lot about the safety and discretion of our network members, so we protect all of the personal information that you provide and we will never post it online. We hope to hear from you soon!

Membership Options


Free Membership
Gold Connections offers you the opportunity to become a free member in the most prestigious network of singles in America. All members are screened and evaluated by our matchmaking team. Compatible members will be introduced for free to our high caliber clients, who are established business people, Hi-Tech executives, doctors, investors and successful professionals that are looking for long term relationship and marriage.

Free Membership is available for Americans and for international candidates.

Premium VIP Client
Our signature matchmaking service is designed for established and successful individuals who are looking for an attractive and well rounded partner for life.

We offer several packages depending on your specific requirements, needs and goals.

Most of our Premium VIP Clients are located in California and in New York, but we also serve clients who live in other states or in foreign countries.

If you are interested to learn more about our Premium VIP Packages, please indicate it on the form below. 


Please fill out the form below.
All the personal information that you provide is completely confidential. 

It will not be shared or published online.
It will be used exclusively for membership purposes.

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Exclusive VIP Matchmaking

Gold Connections is the leading matchmaking service in the state of California and in Manhattan, New York.
 Our professional matchmakers provide a highly effective alternative to online dating for established businessmen, successful professionals, Hi-tech executives, doctors, investors and high net-worth individuals. We Operate in selected cities throughout California and in Manhattan, NY.

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