We have a game plan for you!

1 First of all, are we the right fit for you?

Our service is designed for high net-worth individuals who are turned off by the low quality candidates they find on generic online dating websites.

We are a “hands on” type of operation. We are personally involved in “hand picking” your potential matches and act as your ambassador in order to properly introduce you to high caliber, attractive candidates.

We have only your success in mind!  We will be honest with you, openly discuss “pros & cons” in regards to candidates and relationships. We are here to continuously assist you in achieving your goal.

We are not your “Family and Friends”…   As strange as it may sound, your close circle will often give you the wrong advice and guidance as to your romantic endeavors. Although they love you, there may be some jealousy and conflict of interest issues that will effect their judgement and advice.

On the other hand, WE have only ONE goal in mind – finding you that special person that will change your life forever.  No more, no less.

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2Let’s Start!

We begin our process by getting to know you. We talk about your background, your work, your interests and your future plans.  Then, we’ll focus on figuring out what you’re really looking for in a potential partner. Don’t worry, we will not try to impress you by using a complicated questionnaire with hundreds of questions. Rather, we will try to cut right to the chase: What is REALLY important to you, what you are willing to settle on, and what are your “no-go” triggers.

Our clients are successful and target-oriented individuals in their respective fields, so naturally they can be quite effective in identifying the characteristics of their desired potential candidates.

Once you become a client, we start focusing on finding the right matches for you. At any given time we have a substantial database of pre-screened, top caliber candidates, so there is a good chance that we already have some excellent matches for you to start with. At the same time, we will alert our scouting team to start targeting the exact type of candidates that you are looking for.

3 Time for Action!

Once we identified a good candidate, we will let you know the details. If you accept that candidate, we give you a time, place, and day for the first date.

Before any first date, we will conduct a short personal consultation meeting with you in order to assist you in getting the best possible outcome.

If both you and your match are happy with the initial date, we will set up the second date after sharing our input and suggestions with you.

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4 Hold on for a moment…

After a couple of dates, you may start feeling “sparks in the air” and that this special new person in your life may actually be the one you have been waiting for. You may want to take some time to nurture your new relationship to take it to a new level.  Just let us know and we will hold off from sending you new matches. Remember, we will always be on your side, with a word of advice and some practical success secrets. Go for Our Membership Options.

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5 Have we reached the finish line?

Our goal is to help you in any way we can to find you that special someone and to have the both of you live happily ever after…

and of course, the sooner the better!

We are thrilled at your success! (and ours too…)

Hopefully, you will not need our services from now on.

However, not every relationship is guaranteed to last, so if at some point you call it quits, let us know and we will send a new match your way.

The End

Membership Options


Free Membership
Gold Connections offers you the opportunity to become a free member in the most prestigious network of singles in America. All members are screened and evaluated by our matchmaking team. Compatible members will be introduced for free to our high caliber clients, who are established business people, Hi-Tech executives, doctors, investors and successful professionals that are looking for long term relationship and marriage.

Free Membership is available for Americans and for international candidates.

Premium VIP Client
Our signature matchmaking service is designed for established and successful individuals who are looking for an attractive and well rounded partner for life.

We offer several packages depending on your specific requirements, needs and goals.

Most of our Premium VIP Clients are located in California and in New York, but we also serve clients who live in other states or in foreign countries.

If you are interested to learn more about our Premium VIP Packages, please indicate it on the form below. 


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All the personal information that you provide is completely confidential. 

It will not be shared or published online.
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Gold Connections is the leading matchmaking service in the state of California and in Manhattan, New York.
 Our professional matchmakers provide a highly effective alternative to online dating for established businessmen, successful professionals, Hi-tech executives, doctors, investors and high net-worth individuals. We Operate in selected cities throughout California and in Manhattan, NY.

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